1918: Gold Medal in medicine – National Library of Scotland

9. Medals and prizes:—The Annual Distribution of medals and prizes took place in December 1918, when the Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals presided and gave away the following medals and prizes:—     The “Jamal Gold Medal” and “Lim Chin Tsong Gold Medal” to private pupil R. S. Dugal for standing first in aggregate and in Surgery, respectively, at the Final ‘L.M.P.’ examination of April 1918

via 199 Page 3 – India Papers > Medicine – Institutions > Reports from medical colleges, schools and research institutions > Report on the working of the Government Medical School, Rangoon > Burma Government Medical School reports 1907-22 > Report on the working of the Burma Government Medical School Rangoon for the year 1918-19 – Medical History of British India – National Library of Scotland.



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