Burma walk

Arduous journey from Burma to India, lead on foot during the world war II, after he relinquished his boat seats for the disabled and suffering

At the time of the Japanese invasion of Burma in December 1941, people anxious to leave Burma were prepared to pay any price for their streamer passage to India. Dr. Dugal was entrusted with the heavy task of arranging accommodation and disposal of berths for the streamers of so India Navigation co and he so ably discharged his duties cast on him that brought admiration from all concerned. Easily he could have traveled to India comfortably by Boat, but he stuck to his duty and ultimately when streamers stopped plying between Burma and India, he trudged all the distance on foot and bore so many hardships. On arrival in India he together with his colleague and co-traveler Mr. H.K.Dadachanji submitted an elaborate report to the Government of India describing their woeful experience in traveling by the Manipur route and also submitted written suggestions for the removal of discrimination against and grievances of the Indian evacuees using this route. These suggestions were accepted by the Government of India.

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru commended the same in the following words.
The suggestions made by Dr. R.S.Dugal and Mr. D.K.Dadachanji to start a central non-official organization in Delhi to deal with the Evacuee and Refugee problem and to keep in touch with the Government in regard to this, seems to me an excellent one and worthy of support from the public. As president and secretary of the Burma Indian Association, they are specially fitted for this task and they have the necessary personal experience also.”

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