“a thinker, writer & orator” by Sardar Arjan Singh

Doctor Dugal was the author of three books, namely

  1. Essentials of Sikhism: A talk, 1950
  2. Philosophy of Guru Nanak, 1952
  3. Divine Baba, 1955

We give below excerpts of the same and will have the complete books available shortly.

“Essentials of Sikhism: A talk, 1950”

A talk by Sardar Bahadur Raghbir Singh Dugal on 28th July 1950 at the Ramakrishna Mission Society, Cultural Studies Group, Rangoon.

Cover of Essentials of Sikhism

Link to download the full text at Kindle “Essentials of Sikhism

… To understand the growth of Sikhism as a religious movement a brief account of the political religious and social conditions in India in the 15th century, when Guru Nanak -its founder- was born , will be helpful.

It is an historical fact that new religions or religious prophets appear at periods of great political or social depression when it becomes necessary for people to have recourse to the superhuman for guidance and consolation. When the hour is darkest some prophet is born to solace the afflicted and oppressed. Messiah was born when the cruelty and tyranny of Herod was at its highest. Prophet Mohamed was sent when immorality, superstition, ignorance and idolatry were rampant in Arabia. Sri Krishna was born to deal with Kansa and his tyranny. So was Guru Nanak born to remove the mist of ignorance, superstition and religious persecution which was prevailing at the time and to give divine …

Dr Dugal


Sardar Bahadur R. S. Dugal requires no introduction in Burma. Since the British days in different spheres of national life of Rangoon, or rather of Burma, he has been a universally familiar figure.

The present talk, thus, comes from a man with matured experience in social affairs and with a keen power of understanding “the other man’s viewpoint”, as also making himself perfectly understandable to people not belonging to his faith or way of thinking.

This talk was delivered at the meeting of the Cultural Studies Group of the Ramakrishna Society Rangoon at the invitation of the organizers of the study group which has as one of its objects, the promotion of goodwill and understanding, among people belonging to different sects, religions, and nationalities. An appreciative study of the creative achievements of different peoples being a necessary prerequisite to such a goodwill and understanding, this study group organized various talks on the contribution of different cultures towards the progress of humanity and this talk formed a part of that study.

A perusal of the following pages will, I’m sure, convince any intelligent reader that this talk fully realized it’s objective. It avoids technicality without being superficial. It touches on all the important aspects of the Sikh religion without being boring or controversial. In fact, this a short handbook on Sikhism for all and the Sikh Temple Committee, Rangoon, deserves congratulations for its publication.

The Sikh community being a numerically a very small community as compared to its brother communities like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam or Buddhism its fundamental tenets are less widely known. And this precisely the reason why positive teaching in its scripture should receive wider publicity and circulation. From here, we find the wonderful idea of toleration and equality, combined and put into practice and a genuine attempt made in harmony amongst the contemporary conflicting faiths.

It preaches in clear and simple language the innermost essence of true spiritual life and emphasizes this should predominate, control and mold the secular life as well – as teaching which forms the core of all religions.

The Sikhs as a community have earned for themselves a unique place for themselves in Indian history and society by dint of their valor and sacrifices, and are reputed for virility, unity and humility. These virtues follow from their adherence to their creeds which serve as a continuous source of inspiration to live up to an ideal.

A study of these fundamental creeds, therefore, will undoubtedly be, to a person outside the Sikh fold, be a matter of great profit and interest, and it is from this standpoint this book will amply justify its publication and will deserve attention.

Ramakrisha Mission Society, 230 Thompson Street, Rangoon, Burma
Dated: 14th November 1950

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